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Blade Runner Deconstructed
Enter and explore the various sexual, political, and social themes and ideas at work in Ridley Scott's film adaptation of Philip K Dick's novel.

Enter the fan club and find an interview with the film's visual futurist, Syd Mead, plus news, fan fiction and art, a live chat room, and links.

Blade Runner FAQs
Contains memorable quotes, information about the film's different versions and soundtrack, and analysis of its imagery and symbolism.

Indras Page
Ridley Scott classic sci-fi movie stars Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. Includes downloadable sound and links to other sites.

Online Magazine
Read interviews with various people involved with the production of the film, including Ridley Scott, Philip K Dick, and Douglas Trumbull.

Blade Runner Resources
Contains rarely-seen comic book art and alternative posters for the film, plus links to different versions of the screenplay.

Access a text version of Hampton Fancher's 1980 draft of the film.

Learn the definitions of replicant, spinner, esper, and the Voight-Kampff Machine. Contains info on a possible sequel to the film, and images.

Attempts to match the spoken dialogue in the '82 film version, including grunts, background noise, and spacing of text in the credits.

Blade Runner and the Post Modern City
Features a bibliography of critical essays and books on "Blade Runner." Also find commentary, discussion ideas and Philip K. Dick links.

Apartment 9732
Come on in and learn about the film's plot, as well as it's primary protagonists and antagonists. Find photos and related links as well.

Blade Runner Web Ring
Click through this extensive Web ring dedicated to Ridley Scott's sci-fi masterpiece, "Blade Runner."

Blade Runner Canadian Page
Contains famous quotes, personal thoughts, interesting facts, links, and information about the sequel that was created in the form of a novel.

Goumaz's Page
Access the story in pictures, downloadable dialogue, and related links.

Steven's Online World of Los Angeles 2019
Find profiles of the cast and crew, plus news, trivia, quotes, downloads, info about the game version, and a glossary of terminology.

Future Noir: The Making of "Blade Runner"
The author was present throughout the entire development and filming of "Blade Runner", collecting over 200 hours of transcribed talks, including the last interview given by Philip K. Dick and an interview with Ridley Scott. - The Home of Blade Runner
This site contains the current and regularly updated Blade Runner FAQ. It is the Web home of and has information, scripts, fan fiction, everything Blade Runner related, and more.

The Blade Runner Movie Webring
Webring for the hit movie